Welcome to the realm

At Etherial this vision is to provide a service where the focus is individual client based professional solutions. Every request is taken seriously and given significant thought to design an optimised musical solution for you.

This can range from conceptual and experimental instruments through to highly detailed works or art, or“stock” Etherial designs. There is also a range of artists instruments developed specific to each artist, these instruments are all available upon request as each guitar/bass is individually made to order.
The Service: To provide an intense design space where each instrument is individually designed to your requirements. This could be 6 string guitar, a 10 or even a 17 string. Whatever your requirements are a solution will be found to suit your musical needs.
Each order is viewed as design project where all the details are carefully discussed and planned to the smallest detail. A build won’t begin or payment received until all the details are resolved

Materials used: Proud to be using a selection of Australian timbers such as RedGum, Blackbutt and Jarrah. Specific materials can be selected to suit your tonal requirements and the Australian timbers used can greatly enhance your tone. Imported timbers aren’t used, as Australian timbers are superior in our opinion.
Carbon fibre is also being used extensively, from complete carbon fibre builds to combinations of timber and carbon to increase structural integrity and strength.
Carbon fibre is a great material as it’s inert to humidity and temperature changes so the addition of this material makes for a very stable instrument.
Metals such as brass, stainless steel, aluminum and steel are also used in various applications from inlay through to parts.
Who is Etherial:
Owner of Etherial, Matthew Brown, over the course of 9 years has dedicated himself to the advance of himself as a designer and craftsman. As such can offer a wide variety of options for an instrument. Working extensively with timbers, metals, polymers and composites he’s an artisan who blends old techniques rarely used with modern techniques and processes, while also being obsessed with pushing the limits of what can be done with materials. This is combine with a personal flair which can be directed and guided to suit your requirements.
Matthew is a Professional qualified Industrial Designer who through his studies has knowledge in advanced materials and processing, design thinking and application of this thinking.
Graduating with second class honours he’s willing to share his knowledge and experience to collaboratively work with clients down to the smallest detail.
Every order will be discussed individually with Matthew.

Every instrument is made to order and can be made for right or left handers. Lead times change depending on the complexity of the instrument but typically there is a 16-20 week wait from the start of the build phase. There is also a design phase before this which can range in time.

Feel free to have a look around the website, listen to some tone samples or visit Etherial on facebook.
Look forward to hearing from you!

The Joys of Hush Puppies Shoes

The Joys of Hush Puppies Shoes
Footwear styles come and go, just like trends for clothing, accessories and anything else. Some things seem to always stay the same, however. Hush Puppies shoes are just one such example. If a person is looking to buy shoes that have undeniable timeless appeal, then Hush Puppies shoes are generally a terrific option. Although Hush Puppies shoes online first came onto the market more than half a century ago, they still manage to maintain their modern and fresh looks. If a person combines these shoes with other outfit elements that are contemporary, everything should work perfectly well together.

There are many cool perks associated with these shoes. Hush Puppies shoes, first and foremost, are notable for being comfortable. People who are wary of shoes that are tight and unpleasant feeling often turn to these shoes. These shoes, secondly, are generally highly affordable. People who want to sport fashionable footwear but who at the same time are reluctant to spend lots of money often buy Hush Puppies. Hush Puppies, last but not least, are extremely varied in nature. These shoes are made both for female and male consumers. They are manufactured in a broad selection of attractive and enticing colours. Some people prefer Hush Puppies that are made in muted and subtle colours such as grey and deep brown. Others, however, prefer Hush Puppies that are much more noticeable colour-wise. Purple Hush Puppies, for example, generally aren’t hard for shoppers to locate. http://www.brandhousedirect.com.au

What to Consider When Hiring Marketing Services Brisbane

What to Consider When Hiring Marketing Services Brisbane

Marketing is one of the most crucial elements of any business or profession. Marketing enables a professional or company to gain exposure and is responsible for the client base of a given business enterprise. It is important that you hire the right marketing services Brisbane in order to exploit the benefits of marketing towards the growth of your business. The following are tips on selecting a good marketing firm:
Before you rush to hire a marketing firm, you need to perform a background check on the company. Researching on a potential marketing company will enable you acquire information about how the company was founded, employees of the company and the company’s track record. A background check will also help you determine whether a particular company is licensed or certified by the relevant authorities. A company’s website will also provide you with an overview of the kind of services the organization offers. Researching on the company you are going to hire will keep you from falling prey to fraudulent marketing services Brisbane- http://www.juicemarketing.com.au that will rip you off or firms that are known to provide poor services.
Determine What You Want
There are many different jobs performed by marketing services Brisbane. These include programs such as content marketing and social media campaigns. You need to determine what you want a marketing agency to do for you so that you may choose a firm that is highly reputed for that kind of service.
When subscribing for any kind of job it is crucial to inquire about the cost of services. Depending on your budget, you should compare the rates and products of differentmarketing services Brisbane. After comparing several marketing agencies, you will be able to settle for one that offers what you need and one which you can afford.
Hiring marketing services Brisbane is a smart way to boost the productivity of your business. Marketing, if performed properly, will not only help you gain exposure but will also draw clients to your profession.